Software design & development

With the challenges that come with the pandemic, many brands have needed to get creative with how they approach problems to better serve their customers.

Our client in the education sector needed help to expand their school service capabilities online. Our solution for this problem made us launch a bespoke platform with Zoom and chat integration that can enable school admins to even set up live school events online.

Kampus 24 students

Website & marketing materials

From a platform developed to deliver personalised online Open Days, Virtual School Experience is now used by schools worldwide to maximise student recruitment, staff recruitment and alumni engagement. With this, the marketing for the software is very much needed and our team was also able to provide marketing support for video, print and digital marketing collaterals.

The Website

The Website project for the school marketing admissions platform showcases the features of the software and enables our client to publish updated content and resources on how to best utilize the platform.

Our team was able to provide an online ROI & Cost Calculator for the school staff to assess how much cost and investment they will be making from the software pricing section. This feature is helpful enough for the school managers to understand fully what the product is able to deliver.

Technical Implementation

xDNA made use of two frameworks:


The project requires a framework that allows the flexibility to create our own custom user components. React ensures faster rendering and guarantees stable code which makes it the perfect choice of framework to use. This enables the site to load quickly and smoothly, so end-users can have the best user-experience while school managers can avoid heavy maintenance.

The framework is lightweight, widely used & created by Meta (formerly Facebook), which uses the latest in frontend technologies. It is also highly customisable and modern in user interface building. The powerful capabilities of this framework ensures a cost effective delivery for any project.


Enhancing developer experience, allows the swift and accurate deployment of new features, as the need arises.

Throughout the duration of the project, xDNA developed its abilities and expertise further in areas such as database connectivity, memory management and servers.

Rebranding to Kampus24

The platform which launched in March 2021 has gone from strength to strength over the last nine months, counting over 10,500 total parent interactions in September 2021 and a growing social media presence.

The rebrand to Kampus24 reflects the flexibility for customers to access a tailored experience of a school on-demand from wherever they may be in the world. Kampus24 plays on the meaning of a typical school environment by offering so much more through a digital “experience”.

Kampus 24 branding
Kampus24 logo
Kampus24 blog
Kampus24 brand colors
Kampus24 typeface

Events, Networking and PR

The platform which launched in March 2021 has gone from strength to strength over the last nine months, counting over 10,500 total parent interactions in September 2021 and a growing social media presence.

“Virtual School Experience is the most innovative product we have seen in years and has made our recruitment process this season infinitely more effective,”

Ian Hunt, Chairman at Haileybury Almaty

Kampus 24 events

Project Highlights

  • Haileybury Almaty and Haileybury Astana - the first founding school to use Kampus24 have worked closely alongside the Kampus24 development team to share their feedback and shape what the platform looks like today.
  • Kampus24 has enabled the school to not only host great virtual event but also personalise their admissions funnel to engage more parents. Anastassiya Nevenchannaya, Director of Marketing and PR at Haileybury schools, said; “Kampus24 helps us share the story of our school through a digital, immersive experience.” And the stats speak for themselves – between August and September 2021, the schools achieved more than 2000 parent engagements through the Kampus24 platform.
  • With Kampus24, Millfield’s Admissions team sends out bespoke communications to each child as part of a follow up to a first enquiry. The team pulls information about the child’s interests and favourite subjects into one place to send customers something with a “personalised touch.”

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Tech stack used

- Frontend: React, Next.js
- Backend: Node.js
- Database: MySQL