About GradGuide

Gradguide is a Dublin-based career guidance and mentorship program which connects mentors and mentees through their platform, for free.

The Challenge

Gradguide required an updated platform that provides fast and reliable connections to mentors and mentees, located across 6 different countries. As a few seconds of waiting time in website response could mean lost opportunities, they needed a web solution that not only maintained but also expanded their operations to better serve more users.

GradGuide tablet

Technical Implementation

xDNA made use of two frameworks:


It allows the platform to effectively handle large amounts of simultaneous connections for a seamless user experience for all participants from start to finish. This framework is a lightweight and scalable cross-platform way to execute code on both the front-end and back-end.


This provides the capability to create custom user components. With faster rendering and stable code guaranteed, it enables the site to load quickly and smoothly. In effect, it delivers an excellent user experience and requires only minimal maintenance from school managers. Created by Meta (formerly Facebook), this framework is widely used and is the latest in frontend technologies.

GradGuide analytics

Project Solution

xDNA and Gradguide collaborated to launch their redesigned platform with new features specifically aimed to aid the interaction between the mentor and mentee. By using the latest framework, Gradguide was able to implement innovative ideas that enable fast real-time web app response. These include note-sharing between mentors and mentees, chat integration, access to video tutorials, and real-time events notification.

GradGuide mobile screens

Testimonial from client

“A tight deadline for a new version of our e-learning, mentorship & graduate recruitment platform saw us rely on xDNA to bolster our team to finish in time.

We have a small, dynamic engineering team at Gradguide and in order for this project to be successful, the xDNA team would have to work as we do.

Patrick, Ashley, and our lead developer, Ahmed were very responsive to these needs and adapted to our working style, becoming an extension of our team.

xDNA provided much needed support at a critical time for our business and we are very happy with the results. We are looking forward to working with xDNA again to develop our mobile app which we plan to launch in the first half of 2022.”

Hugh Allen
Head of Product

GradGuide Hugh Allen

Tech stack used

- Frontend: React, Typescript
- Backend: Node.js
- Database: Firebase / nosql MongoDB